Choices by Dynamic Design


Five different turban styles

Choices by Dynamic Design is a line of alternative headwear designed for retailers and boutiques around the world. These turbans come in a wide variety of colors, and several different styles.

You can learn more about the different styles by visiting the Turban Styles section of the website. If you click on a specific style, you can also see previews of the different color choices.

We are also now offering our multi-function Caméléon Scarves, which can be worn as headwear, as a traditional neck scarf, or wrapped around just about anywhere.

Once you have seen the selection, you can place an order from the Online Ordering section. Here you can provide contact information, and select how many of each style and color you would like.

You can also learn more about Dynamic Design and the Turbans Across America project on the About Us page.

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Fax: 1-810-667-2727
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